Something Necessary and Life-Giving

August 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

We can all use some words of inspiration, and maybe some perspective, here and there. As you’ll recall from my previous post about Brenda Ueland’s book, If You Want to Write, I promised to provide some of her words here, to encourage you in whatever creative (or non-creative, but passionate) pursuit you might be working on right now.  Here you go:

“There is something necessary and life-giving about “creative work” (forgive the term). A state of excitement. And it is like a faucet: Nothing comes out until you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more it comes.”

“We are all thoroughly materialistic about such things. ‘What’s the use?’ we say, of doing anything unless it makes money or gets applause? … Socrates and the Greeks decided that a man’s life should be devoted to ‘the tendance of the Soul’ and the Soul included intelligence, imagination, spirit, understanding and personality…”

“The mistake is to feel that the work, the effort, the search is not the important and exciting thing.”


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