Women of the Beat

October 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Fresh off the virtual press, it’s my article on women of the Beat Generation. Check it out here at Her Circle Ezine.

It was fascinating to research women who had the courage to become writers, artists and poets in the 1950s, the height of female domesticity. I’m still so immersed in the time and women writers’ work– I’m currently reading Diane di Prima’s memoir — Recollections of My Life as a Woman. I also just had a conversation with poet ruth weiss today on the telephone. It was wonderful, fascinating and surreal. I’ll be publishing a piece about ruth as the second article in my series on Beat women shortly.

For now, I’m reveling in the 1950s… and what it took for women to shun the idea of female ‘perfection’ widely broadcast for the first time on television…


§ 2 Responses to Women of the Beat

  • Jenna says:

    Hi Lourdes,

    Loved looking at your site. I’m doing research on Ruth Weiss as well, and I was wondering where you procured the photograph of Ruth reading at the Grant Street Fair, 1960? It’s an amazing shot, and I’d love to know more about it. Please contact me at sfac.intern@sfgov.org

    Thanks from a fellow San Franciscan,

    • Hi Jenna,

      Thanks so much for your comment, and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been out of the country. The picture you mention I just found in one of my lengthy internet searches for photos of ruth. The photo appears in “Women of the Beat Generation,” the book by Brenda Knight. Are you writing something about ruth? I’d love to know more. Thanks again for getting in touch.


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